Carnival of Credit Card #3

–By Sagar Satapathy

Welcome to the third edition of the Carnival of Credit Card! This time, we received some interesting posts that are exclusively related to credit card. Here are the posts in the order they were received:

Blue_cardMatthew Paulson presents I Have a Credit Score of Zero?And I Love It! posted at Getting Green. Many will be asking, ?Don?t you need a high credit score to get a home loan, automobile loan, get a credit card or rent an apartment?? In some cases yes, but Matthew loves to have a credit score of zero. Sounds crazy? Read more…

Paula presents How Much Can I Save On My Credit Card Debt? posted at Queercents. Paula at Queercents writes about paying down credit card debt. One of the keys is to follow a plan that maximizes your efforts and makes each dollar you pay toward the balance stretch as far as possible.

Nickel presents Free Bonus Miles for Applying for Frequent Flyer Credit Cards posted at Nickel highlight the bonus miles promotions that she had run across when looking at frequent flyer credit cards. Learn more about the six cards with sign-up bonuses and no annual fee.

Matthew Paulson presents Cut Up Your Credit Cards, Today! posted at Getting Green. Matthew argues that credit cards serve no other purpose but to get you in debt on a regular basis and keep you there.

NCN presents People Sure Do Love Their Credit Cards posted at No Credit Needed Blog. NCN wrote this post in response to an article about not using credit cards. NCN has not used one not used one in 2 years. Sounds interesting?

Scott Lee presents How to Handle Your Credit Cards posted at Dirty Mechanism. Perhaps one of the biggest sources of debt in the entire United States is credit card debt. If you are one to browse through personal finance websites, you?ll hear a common story everyday. People in debt up to their eyeballs with $50,000, $100,000, even $200,000 in credit card debt.

Andy presents How to improve your credit score posted at moneywalks. Andy has given a quick list of 5 things you can do to improve your credit score.

Mr Credit Card presents Orchard Bank Mastercard Review by posted at Ask Mr Credit Card’s Blog. Mr Credit Card recommends the Orchard Bank Platinum Mastercard to those who have no credit or poor credit and for those who are recovering from bankruptcy filing. Is there any takers?

Kevin Surbaugh (aka the Prince of Thrift) presents Top Ten Credit Tips posted at Becoming & Staying Debt Free. "Top 10 Credit Tips," that Kevin found an interesting read.

Will Chen presents Man Tears Up Credit Card Application. Fills It Out. Sends It In. Result: Card Approved! posted at Wise Bread - Living large on a small budget. Man Tears Up Credit Card Application. Fills It Out. Sends It In. Result: Card Approved! Some interesting facts are given by Will. Read on…

Big Cajun Man presents Financial Resume: Credit Cards posted at Canadian Financial Stuff. As part of his Financial Resume exercise, Big Cajun Man examines his use of Credit Cards and carrying debt on them.

FIRE Finance presents Free Money - $100 Sign-up Bonus From Citi Professional Master Card! posted at FIRE Finance. $100 Sign-up Bonus From Citi Professional Master Card.

That concludes the third edition of the Carnival of Credit Card. I thank you all for your submissions. Keep submitting such great stuffs to this carnival in future too. Please don’t forget to give a link back to this carnival, as this is necessary to make it popular on the web.

We are also hosting the Carnival of Debt Management at Debt Consolidation Lowdown. The first edition of the Carnival of Debt Management was held on 22 January, 2007 and the next edition will be held on 05 February, 2007. The Debt Consolidation Lowdown is also going to feature some interesting and useful articles in the coming days. Keep checking the site.

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  1. Thanks Sagar for hosting the carnival and including our post. We have profiled this carnival and linked to it in our roundup at

  2. Thank you FIRE Finance. I really appreciate that.

  3. there is also a very interesting article touching upon a very arguable issue of credit and abortion, which is heatedly discussed presently. We really want sometimes that our credit cards have some additional function, but the latter can be not what we expect…

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