Carnival of Credit Card #7

–By Sagar Satapathy

Greetings! Welcome to the seventh edition of the Carnival of Credit Card. It is really good to notice that this carnival is getting good response from bloggers across the blogosphere. Without further ado, here are the posts in the order they were received:

WBL presents Watch Out For Pay Day Loans! posted at Wealth Building Lessons. For many people the ability to borrow $500 to fix the car or $200 to cover an emergency can be useful and is often highly appreciated. If your credit is bad (and even if its not) banks can be difficult and time consuming to deal with. The easiest and quickest solution is to get a pay-day loan.

Amy Pedersen presents Credit Score and Credit History Have a Deep Connection posted at Your Credit Score Secrets. Many think of credit scoring systems as very vague �Wizard of Oz� type all powerful machines which control your number at a high speed.

Matthew Paulson presents "Citibank Credit Cards Becoming More Consumer Friendly posted at Getting Green. Another change that Citibank is making is eliminating the ability to change one�s rate for �any time or any reason.�

Silicon Valley Blogger presents 5 Things I Learned From Casey Serin, The Guy Behind �I Am Facing Foreclosure� posted at The Digerati Life. This is about a guy who took on too much debt.

Anja Merret presents Big Brother will be able to watch everything posted at anja merret. Cashless society by 2012. Plastic will replace cash.

Mr Credit Card presents Tribute Mastercard Review by posted at Ask Mr Credit Card’s Blog. The Tribute Mastercard from First Bank of Delaware is an unsecured credit card designed for those with not so good credit. This card allows you to get an initial credit limit of $300. Find out more about this card.

Nickel presents My Favorite Reward Credit Card posted at You can cash out your rewards in several ways. For example, you can fax in receipts for automotive service and they�ll apply a credit to your balance.

Priya Jestin presents Starting Early: The Young Adult�s Guide To Personal Finance posted at Debt Consolidation Lowdown. Statistics show that 40% of the people in the United States live beyond their means and nearly 50% of all students are in credit card debt.

Phil presents To Rent or Own? � Phil for Humanity posted at Phil for Humanity. A lot of people still cling to the common misconception that the tax deduction on the interest of a mortgage completely offsets the costs of the mortgage.

That concludes the seventh edition of the Carnival of Credit Card. Keep submitting your posts to the future editions of this carnival. Consider giving a link back to the carnival whenever you get time. That would be greatly appreciated. The eighth edition of the Carnival of Credit Card will be hosted at FIRE Finance on 04 April, 2007.

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  2. RE: Casey Serin:

    Some similarly business-minded folks from the old country also run into tough times, due to their own innovative ideas for creating wealth, just like Casey:

    Uzbekistani immigrants await discussion of entrepreneurial methods

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