25 Reasons You Wish You Had an AMEX Black

Have you heard about the AmEx Black? It’s an exclusive card that comes with a host of top notch privileges, from a private concierge service to after-hours shopping at designer stores. These cards are not easy to come by because they’re offered by invitation only - usually to celebrities and business moguls. Check out these features and you’re gonna wish you were a member of this elite club.

  1. The Black is all about status. This card ensures you’ll get noticed each time you use it. It’s a really nice looking card: the titanium construction and trademark black color stand out among others. The metal construction also means the card can’t slide through most credit card processing machines. The number has to be entered manually.
  2. Just the fact that you own one means you’re a big spender. To get an invitation, you must charge a minimum of $250,000 within a period of 10 months.
  3. Do you love to be in the spotlight? The AmEx Black is your card. It’s made of platinum, so it causes trouble at airport metal detectors. You’ll be certain to create a stir, making you the center of attention.
  4. The card comes with your own, personal concierge - who is on call 24 hours a day. All you have to do is call or email for access to a whole range of services, from tickets to a sold-out show to a handful of sand from the shores of the Dead Sea.
  5. With the card comes your own mini-computer that tells you how much you’ve spent.
  6. Use your AmEx black to buy a first-class ticket on a transatlantic flight and you’ll get a free companion ticket.
  7. You’re entitled to a free, one-night stay in just about every Mandarin Oriental hotel once a year.
  8. Access personal shoppers at retail outlets like Saks Fifth Avenue, Gucci and Neiman Marcus.
  9. The Buyers’ Assurance Plan entitles you to a three year extension on any manufacturer’s warranty.
  10. You’re also insured for up to $50,000 a year on lost or damaged items that are purchased using the card.
  11. Need instant access to exclusive airport lounges? Just flash your included Priority Pass and you’re in.
  12. Get membership access to Sony’s Cierge personal shopping program.
  13. The Black card offers free room upgrades at over 530 hotels and resorts all over the world. These include The Mandarin Oriental, Banyan Tree and Four Seasons.
  14. You’ll get VIP/Club membership access to car rentals, including free upgrades and late returns.
  15. The membership fee, although exorbitant, is tax deductible.
  16. On cruises, you get $500 in ship credit, plus free room upgrades.
  17. MGM Grand offers AmEx Black cardholders a $750 credit when you book a Mansion.
  18. You’ll get frequent flier status on Delta Airlines, Virgin Atlantic and Continental.
  19. AmEx Black cards have a sky-high spending limit. Cardholders have been known to make purchases in excess of $1 million. Want to buy a Bentley? Charter a private jet? No problem.
  20. Don’t worry if you’ve lost your wallet. You’ll get fixed up with no hassles, thanks to the Credit Card Registry program. One phone call to AmEx invalidates all of your cards and issues new ones immediately.
  21. If you can’t stand shopping amongst crowds, you can use your card for after-hours privileges at stores like DKNY, Valentino, Cerutti and Celine.
  22. With the Emergency Assistance Program, AmEx gives you medical, legal and financial help 24 hours a day. This five-star treatment runs the gamut of services: replacement of lost or stolen passports and prescriptions, air ambulances anywhere in the world and more.
  23. Frequent flier perks include: $640,000 in travel insurance, trip cancellation coverage, $3.5 million in case of death or dismemberment, baggage allowances of up to $2,000, $250 for hotel and other expenses during flight delays and $500 for baggage delays of more than three hours. 
  24. Have you always dreamed of owning a private jet? Sign up for the Private Jet Services Program to buy flight time on a private jet or enjoy part ownership of private jet carriers.
  25. AmEx black lets you see the stars. The Space Adventures program grants attendance to space-related events, plus an annual credit for the payment of a suborbital flight reservation.

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