Carnival of Money, Growth & Happiness #1

–By Sagar Satapathy

Greetings! We are here with the inaugural edition of the Carnival of Money, Growth & Happiness. We mince no words to appreciate and thank our readers who participated in large numbers in this carnivals. We received 34 entries for the first edition out of which 27 posts Coins managed to make the cut. Here are the posts that have been selected to be featured on this carnival edition.

Michael Fowke presents Money is the way posted at Money is the way. Money is the way and it’s so beautiful, it’s such a beautiful way. Socialism is dead and greed is good and all is well. The birds are singing in the trees, the cash registers are overflowing, and big hairy bears are crowding around the honeypot.

David Richeson presents Make More Money Without Selling Your Soul posted at 360 Degree Success. Have you ever felt like you move from day to day, week to week, paycheck to paycheck? barely getting by, unsure of your current career path, but with too