Carnival of Money, Growth & Happiness #2

–By Sagar Satapathy

Welcome to the second edition of the Carnival of Money, Growth & Happiness. We received 30 submissions out of which 24 posts managed to make the cut. Here are the posts that are featured on this week’s carnival edition.

Praveen presents Constant Value Investing With Virtual Shares posted at My Simple Trading System. It is possible to boost the performance of Constant Value Investing by using virtual shares to magnify the buys and sells.

WBL presents Wealth Building Lessons ? Blog Archive ? Improve Your Credit Score by 100+ Points posted at Wealth Building Lessons. 4 easy steps to improving your credit score.

Kevin Kinchen presents Creative Power of Thought - Thoughts Become Things ? The Bank of Spirit posted at Creative Power of Thought: Thoughts Become Things. Your purpose in life is to do what you enjoy. Literally, your purpose in life is to do, for the sake of humanity, that thing that puts you in-joy - the feeling of joy is the revelation of your highest truth.

Albert Foong presents How to be a rock in a chaotic world posted at Urban Monk. The inner resistance is not your fault; it is simply an automatic response. This article will help you to recognize that habit, and help you break it.

Anja Merret presents How to make a Million Dollars - Step Two posted at anja merret. Still believing in having a million dollars wander into your bank account with no work involved and it just happens because you imagine it every day? So it has been working for you then? Not really, Anja would imagine.

Frugal Zeitgeist presents your first date with the frugal zeitgeist posted at Frugal Zeitgeist. Neverthless, dating is an important topic in the context of frugality. For most people, a first date is like a job interview. There are plenty of variables to consider; for example, it’s important to look nice, but not too nice; it wouldn’t do to make one’s date feel under-dressed.

He Just Laughs presents Sometimes the best investment is a book. posted at Endless Gibberish. The simple yet effective 10% savings plan explored in the book the Richest Man in Babylon is so simple yet many people don’t apply it to their life.

Bdurfee presents Your Money - More Than You Know? posted at How much money do you really need? Have you done an assessment lately - or is the fear of not having enough keeping you from realizing how much you do have?

Tushar Mathur presents Suze Orman’s take on Mortgages posted at Life of a Resident Alien…. After the past few months of mortgage delinquency rates and home foreclosures creeping ominously upward, a lot of government attention is suddenly being focused on the "shocking" fact that many borrowers ended up with nontraditional mortgages they had little chance of affording once the alluring introductory periods expired.

Matthew Paulson presents Getting Fit Without Spending Money posted at Getting Green. Read on to learn more.

Rich presents 101 Ways to Save One Dollar a Week posted at Care on Credit. Is your rainy day fund all wet? Every paycheck, you plan to save, but it seems like there’s nothing left over after bills and creditors get their share. It’s getting tougher to pay the bills on time, let alone save any money! Don’t fret; there’s a solution. There are a lot of ways to put another dollar in your pocket here and there.

Craig Harper presents Do It Yourself Prison posted at Renovate your life with Craig. Craig has done some work speaking in prisons and he is going to tell ya, they’re not that much fun. He has also done some work with people who have never been near a (real) jail…. yet in many ways, they are more ‘imprisoned’ that anyone he has ever met on the inside.

Steve Faber presents - Home Business Opportunity ? How to Succeed With the Right One posted at Debt Free. Considering a home business opportunity? - Here are some things to think about, some prime reasons people fail in home business, and how to avoid them.

Michael Cook presents Option ARM Resets Are Here posted at Suite101: Mortgages/Loans articles. It has been close to four years now since the peak of the housing boom. For many that will mean that their Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMs) have recently reset or they will have a reset coming. Additionally, for most borrowers that will mean higher mortgage payments due to rate increases over the past four years.

FIRE Finance presents FIRE Finance: Amboy Direct’s $50 Signup Bonus! - Top Personal Finance Blog for Early Retirement,Investing,Banking,Brokerages et al posted at FIRE Finance. If you are planning to open the account with a minimum of $100 to earn the $50 sign-up bonus, this is a great deal. But if you are looking for an online savings account and the minimum balance of $3000 appears too steep then you can consider opening an ING Direct Orange Savings account which is offering 4.5% APY with no fees and minimum balances!

Conan Stevens presents Acting Is High Pay But Don?t Try To Live Like A Movie Star posted at Actors And Acting Help. This article is written with Actors in mind but is useful advice for any career choice with inconsistent payments (ie sub-contractors).

Reb Chaim HaQoton presents Wisdom in Money posted at Reb Chaim HaQoton. Monetary law requires the involvement of human logic in making practical halachik decisions and drawing analogies between rules establish in precedents set by Rabbis of previous generations.

Arathi presents Law of Attraction posted at Success Step. It talks about the law of attraction. Don’t miss out reading this post.

David Richeson presents Ready for something fun? posted at 360 Degree Success. Simple advice on how to live a happier life– and have more fun in the process.

Wanda Grindstaff presents Be the Rhino, A Life of Purpose and Intention posted at Creating Abundant Lifestyles Begin With Abundance Mindset. The Rhino knows where he is going and will not be misguided or held back by the beliefs of others.

Murad Ali presents Reducing Business Expenses posted at The New Business World. Whether you are a home business or simply a small business you are going to have to reduce your expenses in order to increase the amount of money you actually take home.

Suresh presents Go for an extra mile posted at win-win. Remember the words of Martin Luther King, Jr, "If a man is called street sweeper, he should sweep streets even as Michelangelo painted, or Beethoven composed music, or Shakespeare write poetry. He should sweep streets so well that all hosts of heaven and earth will pause to say, here lived a great street sweeper who did his job well".

Caroline Latham presents Easy Steps to Improve Your Brain Health Now posted at SharpBrains. Improving your brain fitness can help you perform better today and maintain your independence tomorrow.

Livingalmostlarge presents The Continuing the saga of eating out with people posted at Living Almost Large. Sometimes I just hate eating out the coworkers, friends are not so bad as coworkers.

That concludes the second edition of the Carnival of Money, Growth & Happiness. Keep submitting your posts to the future editions of this carnival. Thank you for your support and contribution to this carnival.

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