Carnival of Credit Card #15

Hi All! The 15th edition of the Carnival of Credit Card is up with a dozen of good and useful posts. I am sure that our readers would like these. Here are the posts about everything, from credit cards with limits to cashback.

Alanna presents Is a Debt Management Plan (DMP) right for you? posted at BBB Consumer Education. How to know if a DMP is right for you.

Henry Bagdasarian presents Avoid Verbal Lower Interest Rate Deals posted at Free Identity Theft Prevention, Detection and Fraud Solutions. Don’t assume that any lower interest rate balance transfer deal includes transfers in between credit cards from the same bank. Ask the bank specifically if the card you plan to transfer from is eligible for the lower interest rate deal.

FMF presents Donate to Charity with a Credit Card posted at Free Money Finance. You can earn money by donating to a charity with a credit card.

Praveen presents My Simple Trading System: Credit Card Balance Transfers posted at My Simple Trading System. Credit cards are very convenient and necessary in today’s age for things like booking airline reservations and rental cards. But, ideally, you will not carry a big credit card balance.

King of Debt presents Day 402: Credit Card Was Declined! posted at We’re In Debt. How embarrassing is it to see your credit card get declined anyways?

Abdulrasool Sumar presents The Dark Sides of Debt Consolidation posted at Debt Consolidation. When paying off their debts, consumers have their minds on only 1 thing, and that is the monthly payments. Some debt consolidation companies will therefore lower your current monthly payments, which is nice, but they will also stretch your payback period.

Baz presents Why We “Need” So Many Credit Cards posted at Day In The Life of Baz. You may have two or three if your lowest rate card, doesn’t coincide with a proper available limit. But essentially, your choices should be limited, so why the hell should people need tons of credit cards?

Bill presents How To SAVE A Million Dollars posted at Ask Uncle Bill. Jonathan Clements of the Wall Street Journal writes some pretty good stuff. Pretty good as in real good compared to most ‘financial’ writers. Here is one on how to save a million.

Steve Faber presents - Increase Your Credit Score –Avoid These 3 Credit Mistakes posted at Debt Free. Trying to get too much credit, too fast – Every time you apply for new credit, it generates what’s referred to in the credit industry as a “hard pull” on your credit report. A hard pull is an indication that a prospective creditor pulled your credit report.

The Skilled Investor presents PIRATES OF THE CREDIT SEA ? Part 5: I write to the President of CitiBank Customer Service posted at THE SKILLED INVESTOR Blog. Is there some gold for Citibank in South Dakota similar to the gold that was discovered in the Black Hills in the late 1800’s? Apparently, yes. There is gold in South Dakota for Citibank but not of the buried, metallic kind.

Mr Credit Card presents American Express Blue Card - What is the Blue Cash Blue Card? posted at Ask Mr Credit Card’s Blog. The American Express Blue Card is a reward card whereas the Blue Cash is a cash rebate card. The Blue Card’s reward program is based on the Membership Rewards Option program.

Tushar presents Credit Score Breakup and ways to boost it posted at Life of a Resident Alien…. Pay your bill in full and mail it as soon as it arrives, or at the very least the minimum due. Set up automatic online bill payments so you’ll never be late. Or, if you are late one month, be sure to pay off what you owe as soon as possible.

That concludes the 15th edition of the Carnival of Credit Card. Keep submitting your posts to the future editions of this carnival. A link back would be appreciated.

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