The Broke Handyman’s Box of Blueprints: 100 Free Plans to Build Home Furniture

Renovating your entire home isn’t a luxury reserved for the rich. Whether you’re dying to rip apart your master bedroom or completely redo the kitchen, it’s possible to redecorate or even redesign any room in the house without overspending your limit. To help you get started, we’ve come up with a list of 100 blueprints for furniture design available on the Web that you can use for FREE. No strings attached. Take a look at our list, and start viewing your home design project in a whole new way.

Living Room and/or Den

Invite family and friends over to admire your craftsmanship.

  1. Coffee Table: If you’re like most homeowners, you probably think of your living room coffee table as the piece that ties the whole room together. This professional design found on H. Vander’s Web site.
  2. Lamp Table: This side table is perfect next to a couch or recliner for extra light while reading.
  3. Wing Chair: A sophisticated wing chair like this one will work in any corner of your living room or den. An especially cozy spot is near the fireplace!
  4. Crown Molding Shelf: An artistic design makes this shelf appropriate over the fireplace.
  5. Recessed Wall Shelves: Recessed wall shelves are good for the dining room, where you can display wedding china or professional family photos.
  6. Adirondack Rocking Chair: The rustic design brings a little bit of the outdoors into your living room or den. Use more formal cushions and pillows to ease it into a more polished look.
  7. Porringer Tables: Build two or three of these end tables to give you a matching set.
  8. Traditional Pembroke Table: Small but sophisticated, this end table will fit snugly between two sofas.
  9. Knockdown Bookcase: This attractive design won’t take up much space in your living room, but it will add a unique flair…and give you a place to display extra knick knacks.
  10. TV Cabinet: This plan for a TV cabinet has specific shelves for VCRs and DVD players on the top and drawers for storing manuals and movies on the bottom.
  11. Entertainment Center: A larger entertainment center will hold your entire DVD collection, as well as serve as another display case for plants, vases, and other decorative items.
  12. Sofa Table: A table like this one looks great in the back of the room or near an entryway. Stash your keys in a decorative bowl or leave out potpourri to make the entire room smell good.
  13. CD Cabinet: This CD cabinet holds over 200 CDs, making it a perfect addition for your den.
  14. Dart Board Cabinet: This custom-made dart board will keep you having fun all night long with friends and family.


Create furniture that has sentimental value for your whole family.

  1. Modern Bedstead: This bed has a solid headboard, which is very appropriate for a boy or young man’s bedroom.
  2. Chaise Lounge: Pamper yourself without spending a fortune by building a chaise lounge for your bedroom.
  3. Low-Post Bedstead: Just below the design for the modern bed is the low-post bed, which is a more sophisticated and refined design.
  4. Tall Post Bedstead: This bed design is the most elegant of the three blueprints. The tall posts allow you to hang a canopy for ultimate privacy and romance.
  5. Chest of Drawers: Store clothes fashionably in your own homemade chest of drawers.
  6. Bunk Beds: Many children love the idea of having bunk beds to sleep in, and with this free plan, you’ll save a bundle making them.
  7. Wiggles Bed: It’s the Wiggles! If you know who the Wiggles are, then you probably have small children. Surprise them with their very own bed, designed with the theme of the popular kids’ TV show.
  8. King-size Platform Bed: This oversized platform design is sturdy but comfortable. Use floral prints or lighter shades for bedding in order to balance the heavy masculine influence.
  9. Six Drawer Dresser: A classic wood dresser, perfect for any bedroom.
  10. Swinging Cradle: This beautiful design for this infant cradle will take you back in history to a simpler time.
  11. Nightstand: A polished look gives this basic piece more oomph. Books fit nicely on the bottom shelf, while the top is spacious enough for a reading lamp, water glass, and small plant.
  12. Curved Bedside Cabinets: This unexpected design gives your bedroom a little extra character.
  13. Modern Wardrobe: Smaller than traditional wardrobes, this piece of furniture would be appropriate in a guest bedroom or closet for organized storage.
  14. Dressing Table: When you’re finished building, hang a mirror over this dressing table to complete the design.
  15. Elegant Poster Bed: This plan boasts that it will show you an “elegant poster bed made simple.”
  16. Mahogany Bed: Clean lines make this bed plan classic but still fashionable.

Dining Room/Kitchen

Dine in style…in the comfort of your very own home! These basic pieces take on a uniquely beautiful twist when you make them yourself.

  1. Cutlery Tray: Why spend money on a generic cutlery tray when you can make your own? Give your kitchen a unique flair by following the instructions on this blueprint.
  2. Trestle Dining Table: Give your dining room or kitchen a rustic but polished feel when you make your own dining table.
  3. Drop Leaf Table: If you entertain company often, you’ll probably need a table that can expand whenever you have guests over.
  4. Side Chair: Make several of these side chairs to create a set for your kitchen table. Paint them in different colors to brighten up the room.
  5. Country Shelf: Store sponges, potpourri, or spices on this cute country shelf.
  6. Bar Counter: This piece is great if you need the extra storage space when preparing meals or want to create a makeshift desk for the kitchen.
  7. Wooden Garbage Can: Just because the contents of your trash can are less than desirous, doesn’t mean the outside has to be. Build your own sturdy and attractive trash can instead.
  8. Breakfast Nook: If you have a lot of extra space in your kitchen, or if you plan on eating mostly in the dining room, build a breakfast nook for the kitchen.
  9. Bread Box: A basic bread box will bring an old-fashioned touch to your kitchen.
  10. Kitchen Corner Cabinet: Give yourself extra storage space where you least expected it. This cabinet is good for display purposes or for organizing spices.
  11. Hanging Paper Towel Holder: Follow the simple instructions listed here, and you’ll instantly have more surface space as well as paper towels that never get wet by falling over into the sink.
  12. Kitchen Stool: A kitchen stool will help you reach items on even the tallest shelves.
  13. Cookbook Holder: A cookbook holder will keep your hands free to do the preparing, not constantly trying to find the instructions.
  14. Pot Rack: Let the pros at HGTV show you how to make a rack for pots and pans.
  15. Plate rack: Great for drying dishes or displaying decorative plates, this rack can be installed almost anywhere.
  16. Anniversary Dining Table: An elegant table for any dining room.

Home Office

Design your home office to ensure the best of comfort and productivity.

  1. Bookshelf: This bookshelf is great for holding manuals, guidebooks, or any other reference books you need to keep in your office.
  2. Arm Chair: This simple desk chair is perfect for a no-fuss, no-frills home office.
  3. Framed Desk: Feel like a powerful executive in your very own home when you work at this sleek framed desk.
  4. Arts and Crafts Dresser: This sleek design is also good for any extra storage space you may need in your office.
  5. Cherry Office Shelf: This useful shelf will hold a clock or any small decorative items or photos that will cheer up your office.
  6. Shelf System and Corner Desk: This stately shelf system will keep you and your corner desk organized while supplying the space with lots of extra room.
  7. Computer Armoire: Tons of storage space above and below the computer area will keep your home office clutter-free.
  8. Computer Desk: This desk has room for your computer without sacrificing much-needed surface space.
  9. Farm Table: An unexpected twist on the traditional desk, this Farm Table is just as functional and stylish.
  10. Mahogany Cigar Humidor: Working at home doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the glamour and prestige of having a fancy office. This cigar humidor will impress all your clients and guests.
  11. Storage Ottoman: Put your feet up to relax at the same time you hide extra magazines or books.
  12. Credenza: Use for office supplies or decorations.
  13. CD Storage Cabinet: This design is another version of a CD cabinet, which will keep you from losing your discs amid the papers and documents already on your desk.
  14. Magnetic Message Board: Leave yourself reminders on this innovative message board.
  15. Message Cabinet Center: This cabinet is a cork message board on the outside, and has storage shelves on the inside.
  16. Morris Chair: You can’t sit at your desk all day. Do some work-related reading (or relaxing) in this comfy chair for a break.


  1. Adirondack Chair and Table: Lounging around in your own luxurious lawn furniture feels even better when you know you made it yourself.
  2. Deck: Building a deck will add a whole new level of relaxation and entertainment to your backyard. Extend it just over your pool, or set up a BBQ pit for summer fun.
  3. Brick BBQ Pit: Instead of shelling out major cash for a fancy BBQ pit at the store, build your own brick version. You’ll be the most popular family on the block!
  4. Built-in Stone BBQ Pit: The upscale BBQ and griller gets a rugged makeover in this design.
  5. Octagonal Gazebo: It might sound complicated, but this design claims that this version “is one of the more simple and cost effective octagonal gazebos to build.”
  6. Basic Gazebo and Potting Shed: This design will keep you sheltered while you enjoy the outdoors.
  7. Gourmet Bird Feeder: A bird feeder like this one is a great additive to any garden or deck area.
  8. Custom Doghouse: The designers at HGTV know that even Rover needs a place to go when the weather gets rough.
  9. Picket gate: Have you always dreamed of having a white picket fence around your house? Follow this plan, and your dreams will turn into a reality.
  10. Wooden Garden Gate: Keep pets out of your garden with this charming wooden gate.
  11. Porch Swing: A porch swing like this will suit your front or back patio.
  12. Gardening and Planting Bench: A gardening bench will keep all your tools, gloves, seeds, and plants organized until you’re ready to start digging.
  13. Solar Greenhouse: This advanced design “retains the sun’s heat” even at night.”>
  14. Victorian Conservatory: This gorgeous greenhouse will bring a touch of elegance to your backyard.
  15. The “Ultimate” Treehouse: Give your kids the fabulous treehouse you never had. This sturdy design will keep them playing in the trees for years and years.
  16. Garden and Tool Shed: Whether or not you actually use it for tools or gardening supplies is up to you.
  17. Footbridge: A simple footbridge will transport you to a place far away from your backyard or side garden.
  18. Patio Chair and Loveseat: Get cozy in the backyard with a love seat and matching chair.


Read below for plans for accessories, bathroom furniture, built-in designs, and more!

  1. Hanging Bookshelf: Scroll down the page to find this smaller piece, which is great for any entryway, whether it’s in your front hall, garage, or other room in your house. Use the shelves to stash mail or sunglasses. You can even attach hooks to hang your keys.
  2. Modern Tray Table: Perfect for enjoying breakfast in bed or doing your homework in the living room, a tray table is versatile and easy to store.
  3. Joint Stool: Small children might need a boost at the bathroom sink, or you might have to accommodate an extra guest at the kitchen counter. This stool will add character to any room.
  4. Loose Seat Stool: Loose seat stools help cut costs when you’re picking out upholstery. You can wrap the fabric only around the seat, which pops out for easy and efficient gluing and stapling.
  5. Built-in Furniture: Scroll to the very bottom of the page to find a valuable tutorial on built-in furniture.
  6. Toy Box: Fill this adorable toy box with stuffed animals, dolls, or any other toys who don’t already have a place to go in your house.
  7. Hope Chest: An old-fashioned but practical piece, hope chests are versatile enough for anyone in the family. Use it for packing or storing memorable keepsakes.
  8. Bathroom Shelf: If your bathroom didn’t already come with a medicine cabinet, you can install this one yourself.
  9. Break-Down Chair: This high-backed chair is appropriate for a child’s bedroom or the corner of practically any room in the house.
  10. Coffee Table with Rising Top: This coffee table comes with an extra shelf at the bottom, perfect for stashing magazines.
  11. Closet Shelving Unit: This design will keep all of your closets organized so you can actually find whatever it is you’re looking for.
  12. Skateboard or bike ramp: Putting a skateboard or bike ramp in the driveway or backyard could be a lot of fun…just make sure you wear a helmet!
  13. Coat Rack: Create a coat rack for keeping your family’s jackets, scarves, and coats organized.
  14. Octagon Poker Table: Impress your friends with this refined poker table.
  15. American Gothic Playhouse: Wow your kids — and their friends — with this fancy playhouse.
  16. Jewelry Box: A jewelry box like this one makes an excellent gift.
  17. Hall Table: Put in the front entryway or use as an extra storage cabinet for any room.
  18. Fishing Accessories: This link will take you to a list of projects that will help organize your fishing gear.
  19. Mailbox: Did someone run over your mailbox? Instead of spending money for another one, build your own, using this design.
  20. Wet Bar: Perfect for creating an entertainment center, this wet bar will be a hit with your friends.

Chances are your home renovation project is starting to grow, now that you’ve checked out our extensive list of furniture plans. Because all the designs are free, you can make as many as you want. Start building, and watch your house, backyard, and patio transform into a home you never thought you could have.

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