Carnival of Money, Growth and Happiness #20

Greetings! Welcome to the 20th edition of the Carnival of Money, Growth and Happiness. We have selected 38 posts for this edition. Here you go:

KCLau presents Build your Financial Dream House with a Financial Consultant posted at Malaysian Financial Planning. Architects design and build real houses. Similarly, financial planners design and build your financial house.

Lorraine Cohen presents Powerfull Living » Do You Become A Dog With A Bone? posted at Powerfull Living. Do you have trouble letting go? Learn how to free yourself so you can have more ease, joy, and abundance in your life!

Wanda Grindstaff presents Wealth and Freedom - Get Clear on What they Really Mean! posted at Creating Abundant Lifestyles.

David B. Bohl presents New Perspective: How About A New Pair of Glasses for Everyone! posted at Slow Down Fast Today!. If you wear glasses or contacts, or if you’ve ever seen someone put on a new pair of glasses, you understand that when you don new glasses, the world looks fresh and new.

Jason Elder presents Personal Loans With Bankruptcy posted at A Bankruptcy Lawyer’s Blog. Jason says, “Here I discuss a few things you may not know when dismissing personal loans in your bankruptcy.”

James presents Payday Loan Tips and Tricks posted at Payday Loan Cheapskate. The dirty truth about the payday loan industry.

Yazan Manasrah presents Being Organized posted at The Blasted Crossing. Yazan says, “Organization is an important aspect of your life, and as such it should be taken seriously. I will take you through from the very basics, to how to organize your life and remove all the clutter to help you become more productive and happier in the end.”

Joy presents Online MBA - Top 25 Best Buys posted at Online College Blog. Online MBA - Top 25 Best Buys: Find out which Online MBA programs have the lowest tuition costs.

Danogo presents The Ultimate Band Guide to Building a Myspace Music Community posted at - Discover. Inspiring . Media. Teaches people how to make money online in their spare time by selling songs and music on myspace.

Michael@TSM presents Fall TSM Travel Writing Contest: Win $125! posted at Traveling Stories Magazine.

Dax Desai presents How to Decide whether to Invest for Growth vs Income posted at High Return Investing with Dax.How to choose whether to invest for growth vs income.

Steve Faber presents - College Consolidation Loans – You Could Be Paying Too Much For Your Education; After You’ve Been to College posted at Get Debt Free. Student loan provider Nellie Mae reports that the average undergraduate debt upon graduation is now up to $27,600.

The Net Analyst presents 5 Easy Ways to build Wealth posted at The Net Analyst Website Reviews and Consumer Info. Five rules to help you build wealth, happiness, and gain perspective on life. Suprisingly, you can get some of that wealth immediately by using the tips in this article!

Aaron Wakling presents Credit Checks - What They Are And What You Need To Know posted at The Credit & Credit Card Blog. Credit checks involve sensitive personal data. Therefore, many people are concerned about precisely who they’ve entrusted with their records. Fortunately, the Fair Credit Reporting Act has established unambiguous rules governing credit checks.

Ron presents How to stack your first million posted at Ronnie Mills. This post is about how to get your first million by consistently investing money each month.

Matthew Paulson presents Federal Reserve Mandates More Consumer Friendly Credit Card Rules posted at Getting Green.

Moneywise presents Pictures of Mania: Nasdaq and Homebuilders posted at The Real Returns.

Marco presents The business plan posted at Work From Home Concepts.

FIRE Finance presents Free Credit Report! posted at FIRE Finance. Most of us know about the fact that we are entitled (by a Federal Law) to one FREE credit report from Experian, Equifax and Transunion via

FitBuff presents New Wii Fitness Game Coming Soon posted at’s Total Mind and Body Fitness Blog. What’s better than improving your health, losing weight, and having tons of fun all at the same time? Nothing! And Nintendo, of all people, is making it happen. They are introducing an all new game, complete with a “Balancing Board,” for their Wii video game console: Wii Fit.

The Skilled Investor presents Avoiding financial advisor and investment counselor frauds and scams - Overview posted at THE SKILLED INVESTOR Blog. The best way to avoid being defrauded or scammed by a financial or investment advisor is to investigate carefully several different advisers before hiring one of them.

Pratik presents The Fundas of Funds posted at

SJ Yee presents The FAQ Book on Public Speaking posted at Personal Development for the Book Smart.

Bob Crawford presents Create Your Day the BOB Way! Part Two: Your Day posted at Growing Your SELF Blog - Bob Crawford Online. Learn to create your day! Part two of this popular article.

Eric Hudin presents Life Insurance and Estate Plans - Protecting Your Assets from Estate Taxes posted at My Estate Planning Career Blog. Estates and estate plans have a mystique all of their own to the average observer. It is certainly a complex world of tax rules and regulations where inherited assets are taxed upon death. How might this affect you and the estate assets you now possess?

Allen Taylor presents Doubling Stocks With A Small Bankroll posted at Investing World Today. Successful traders know that you should never risk more than a small fraction, like maybe 5%, of your bankroll at any given time.

Tim Ramsey presents 5 Ways to Try and Reduce Your Debts and Outgoings posted at My Debt Relief Blog. Anyone that has a high level of debt or a number of creditors to pay off each month will know how stressful and difficult financial management can be.

Eric Stanley presents Three Rules for Financial Freedom posted at Personal Finance Blog Articles. In a world of debts and overspendings, there are three simple and common sense rules that anybody can and should follow in order to cope with money. For applying them, you will only need a pencil, a piece of paper and 5 to 10 minutes every month.

Thomas Humes presents To Be A Millionaire posted at Wealth Building World. Most everyone will make a million dollars within their lifetime. For those making $50,000 a year it will take 20 years. For others it can take 2 years. So what does it take to be a millionaire?

Kalyn presents Tracking and Maintaining Finances posted at LifeEdit.

TheMonthlyPick presents How to Beat the Fund Managers in 1 Easy Step posted at The Monthly Pick.

Liz presents The 13 Top Financial Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make posted at Internet Marketing Strategies - Nitro Marketing.

Armaan presents Online Market Place - Clickbank posted at Pay Digital Way. It’s all about online payment processing, merchant account, credit card, debit card an more.

Ralph Jean-Paul presents Dreaming of Success posted at Potential 2 Success. Can your daydreams really help you succeed? Many successful people have attributed their success to their ability to see their success before they are a success.

Gavin R. Putland presents Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore & Taiwan: How property taxes affect economic growth posted at Gavonomics.

David presents How to get a Business Loan posted at, Tips for Business Start-ups. Loans are a time-tested way of raising capital for your business. We would love to tell you that it is as easy as going to the bank and asking for money, but as you probably know by now it is quite the opposite.

Charles H. Green presents Mummers, Trust, and the Threat of Violence posted at Trust Matters. Trust exists at that interesting boundary line, where you must take a step forward not being entirely sure that there will be solid ground to support your step.

Warren Wong presents The Weakness Of Overconfidence posted at Personal Development. Why overconfidence is a weakness and tips to overcome the dangers of overconfidence.

That concludes this edition. Next edition of this carnival will be hosted on November 1, 2007. Submit your blog articles using our Blog Carnival Submission Form.

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