Carnival of Money, Growth and Happiness #37

Greetings! Welcome to the 37th edition of the Carnival of Money, Growth and Happiness. We had received 37 posts for this edition. However, we had to select only 20 posts that are relevant to this carnival theme. Here you go:

Editor’s Picks:

Helen Anderson presents 5 Reasons Why the Federal Reserve is a Failure! posted at Bankaholic. No single quasi-private institution has as much influence on the worldwide economy as the Fed, and as a leader can head this institution for an indefinite term, no one man is as influential on the markets as the Fed Chair. An examination of what has gone awry can help Forex traders understand this new era at the Fed.

Moneyshaker presents US Economy Going South? posted at Adventures in Money Making. A depressing look at the hardships that American families are now facing. But there’s no recession, right!

Erica Douglass presents How I Tripled My Blog’s Traffic in Two Months posted at . A complete four-step action plan to tripling your blog’s traffic. Includes all details!

Other posts of High Quality:

Alvaro Fernandez presents Report: The State of the Brain Fitness Software Market 2008 posted at Brain Blog. You may have been reading about “brain training” and “brain fitness”. Here go ten Highlights from The State of the Brain Fitness Software Market 2008 report, which was just released.

Madeleine Begun Kane presents Planning To Travel With Friends? Are You Sure That’s Wise? posted at Mad Kane’s Humor Blog.

KC Lau presents Top 5 Regular Monthly Expenses We Don’t Need posted at KCLau’s Money Tips. An article discussing some of the ways one can reduce unnecessary expenditure.

Edithyeung presents Are You Compromising Yourself? posted at Edith Yeung.Com: Dream. Think. Act..

Kurt Brouwer presents Paul Krugman — Capitalism’s Mysterious Triumph posted at Fundmastery Blog. Paul Krugman on why capitalism defeated socialism.

Mark Runta presents Strategies To Hedge Your Portfolio posted at Investing Lessons. Insuring your portfolio against severe market turmoil is prudent advice. Consider these strategies to protect your portfolio.

Jesse presents Saving, Debt pay off, hell anything, you name it - will never be easier than right now posted at The Penny Saved.

Dividend Growth Investor presents SPY at a crossroads posted at Dividend Growth Investor. It is important that investors do not deviate from their long-term financial plans during the recent volatility in the markets.

Ralph Jean-Paul presents Be THE Presence in Any Room posted at Potential 2 Success. For social or business, having a presence is a great advantage. Performers who are able to project their presence to the audience are always viewed as more entertaining, confident and captivating.

Craig Andrews presents Outsourcing To Help Your Internet Business Grow posted at Craig S.

Derrick Markotter presents 7 Simple Steps To Passive Income posted at Create passive income by building a mailing list.

James presents 4 Life Lessons From Gregory House M.D. posted at Organize IT.

SJ Yee presents Time Management for Lazy People posted at Personal Development for the Book Smart. Time is Money. Here’s a detailed summary of the key concepts in the time management lecture by Randy Pausch… You can skim through it to get the points you need…

Bobby Handzhiev presents The Sexy Art Of Losing Money posted at The Shark Investor. Losses are part of your financial growth, don’t be afraid of them.

Tim Gary presents Introduce Yourself Anywhere and Prepare for Surprising Results posted at Internet Success Bites.

Mattg presents Do You Get Twitter? posted at Matt Garrett. Twitter is really a fast growing community site and providing a good environemnt to interacting with people of same thinking or business line. So, go and get a twitter, now.

Praveen presents Importance of Testing Websites posted at My Simple Trading System.

That concludes this edition. Next edition of this carnival will be hosted here on March 29, 2008. Submit your blog articles using our blog carnival submission form.

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