Carnival of Debt Management #44

Greetings! Welcome to the 44th edition of the Carnival of Debt Management! We have selected 10 posts for this edition. Here you go:

Ryan presents Mvelopes Personal Finance Software Review posted at Millionaire Money Habits. Budgeting and managing your expenses is the first step in accumulating wealth. If you don’t have the time to set and manage a budget, or you have difficulty getting yourself to sit down and do the legwork, try a personal finance program like Mvelopes that will do the work for you.

KCLau presents Top 5 Regular Monthly Expenses We Don’t Need posted at KCLau’s Money Tips. An article discussing some of the ways one can reduce unnecessary expenditure.

Diane Dean presents Filing as Married on your W-4 posted at Need IRS Help?.

Kurt Brouwer presents Greenspan — We Will Never Have a Perfect Model of Risk posted at Fundmastery Blog. Why the Fed missed the housing bubble — Alan Greenspan on risk.

Alex M presents What Every One Should Know About Financial Management Of Plant Operation posted at Personal finance strategy.

Jason presents I Used to Be an Emotional Shopper posted at Frugal Dad.

Mr Credit Card presents Zero Interest Credit Cards to Avoid posted at Ask Mr Credit Card.

Deb presents How I Got Out of Credit Card Debt posted at American Consumer News.

Eric Thompson presents Credit Reports posted at Why I Loathe.

David presents 10 Things You Should Know About Debt Management Programs posted at Money Under 30.

That concludes this edition. Next edition of this carnival will be hosted here on March 30, 2008. Submit your blog articles using our blog carnival submission form.

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