Carnival of Debt Management #52

Greetings Readers! We have come up with the 52nd edition of the Carnival of Debt Management. In total, 17 posts have been selected for this edition. Without further ado, here are the posts in the order they were received.

Nadege presents Learn why allocating your paycheck is the key to becoming wealthy posted at fabulous finances.

Joe Manausa presents Open Houses - Did You Know? posted at Tallahassee Real Estate Blog.

Ken Clark presents Withdrawal Rules for Different College Accounts posted at Saving for College - Rules on tapping into your kids’ college accounts if money becomes too tight.

GP presents The 10 Commandments of Fiscal Fitness « Innstyle Montana- Your Home on the Range posted at Innstyle Montana- Come on Inn.

Jed Norwood presents Winning Checklist | My Forex Checklist posted at Forex Trading Strategy. This post outlines my winning checklist for reducing debt and making money in the Forex market.

Michael Geoffrey presents Some Simple Debt Solutions For Getting Out Of Debt Faster posted at Debt Smackdown.

Rosemary Rugnetta presents 3 Things That Appear On Your Credit Report posted at Her Home Blog.

Steve Faber presents - Understanding Foreclosures – Can You Workout the Problem? posted at Debt Free.

FIRE Finance presents 9 Debt Hacks posted at FIRE Finance.

Save Money presents Save Money In An Emergency Fund posted at How I Save

Prince of Thrift presents The Great Ask Me Anything of 2008 Giveaway 1 posted at Becoming & Staying Debt Free.

Mike Leonard presents Debt and relationships – this ship is sinking posted at Until Debt Do Us Part.

Brice Hogan presents Micropayments Make Cents posted at Financial Zip.

Madeleine Begun Kane presents Threefer Haiku posted at MAD KANE’S HUMOR BLOG.

Amy presents Down to One Card! posted at My Daily Dollars.

Debbie presents You Can Prepay Your Way to a Better Credit Score posted at American Consumer News.

Larry Russell presents The Top 25 Low Cost Best US Money Market Funds posted at THE SKILLED INVESTOR Blog.

That concludes this edition. Next edition of this carnival will be hosted here on May 25, 2008. Submit your blog articles using our blog carnival submission form.

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