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Give Us Gifts With Cards, Say Europeans

Did you know Europeans love gifts with their cards? Well, at least that�s what a recent survey by MasterCard shows. The credit card provider recently published a survey claiming that the majority of cardholders all over Europe want a product that can offer them rewards.
According to the survey over 70 percent of the respondents […]

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Wachovia Card For Businesses

Wachovia Corp. recently announced that it would offer credit cards for use by companies. The cards are the kind businesses give employees to pay travel and entertainment expenses, or to make purchases. reports:
The cards will be available in the fourth quarter. They will be MasterCard brand. Wachovia’s consumer cards are Visa brand.

Read […]

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Connecting Success With Contactless

It�s been nearly a year since each of the big three credit card providers rolled out their own contactless payment version and since the going has been unexpectedly good, it�s probably time to ask what�s next on their agenda. A lot, as it turns out, from different form factors, including watches, to use of mobile […]

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