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High gas prices are a fact of life for most drivers, but gas credit cards aim to ease the blow. These cards generally offer consumers the opportunity to get company credit or money back for gas and convenience store purchases made with the card.

Some gas companies have created rewards cards that can be used for everyday purchases as well. They work in the same way, allowing you to earn credits or cash back for the purchases you make with the card. Some even offer gas discounts, like .03 off each gallon.

Gas companies offer these cards to build loyalty for their brand, so consider carefully which company to go with. You'll more than likely be using them for the majority of your gas purchases. Keep track of which stations in your area have the best average prices, then consider which company offers a card with the best rewards and finance terms. As with all rewards cards, be sure that you pay off your balance each month to avoid finance charges that can outweigh the benefit of your rewards.

Online Gas Rewards Credit Card Applications

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