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Using a credit card with a rewards program is a great strategy for saving money or getting free stuff. It makes a lot of sense to choose this type of card if you use your credit card often or for large purchases. This way, you'll get something back for all of the money you spend.

There's a great variety of rewards cards. There are cash back cards, which offer cash rebates, airline rewards cards that let you earn miles for each dollar you spend, gas rewards programs that give cash and discounts per gallon and more. Often, rewards cards of all kinds also offer discounts at hotels and restaurants.

Rewards cards are best for those who have the discipline to pay off credit card bills each month. Otherwise, you may end up paying finance charges that outweigh the benefit of any rewards you might earn. Also look out for large annual fees. Another reason to pay off your card each month? Some credit cards offer extra bonuses for cardholders with stable payment histories.

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