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College is an excellent time to start building a good credit rating. However, most college students don't have enough of a credit history to get a credit card. Some credit card companies are willing to give college students a break and offer them student credit cards. These cards often come with perks like special interest rates, no annual fees and relaxed requirements for qualification.

Some student credit cards are offered in conjunction with parent accounts. Others issue prepaid debit cards. Prepaid debit cards for students allow parents to load and reload the balance from which their children can spend. Not all student cards revolve around parents, however. Some are affiliated with a university, while others are completely independent.

Whatever kind of card students decide to carry, it's important to use credit wisely. Don't overspend or max out your credit limit and always remember to pay your bills on time. If you build a good credit rating while still in college, you'll have the buying power that you need after you graduate.

Online Student Credit Card Applications

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