Carnival of Credit Card #2

–By Sagar Satapathy

Welcome to the second edition of the Carnival of Credit Card. Contrary to our expectations, we received a large number of submissions out of which 18 posts were selected on the basis of merit. Here are the posts that made the cut for this edition of the carnival.

Tracy Coenen presents Don’t let those Christmas gift cards go to waste posted at FRAUDfiles. Tracy says that 15% to 19% of gift cards purchased from retailers are never redeemed. She provides useful tips on how to use these gift cards.

Moneywalks presents Things to consider when choosing your credit cards posted at Money Walks. Moneywalks listed the points to be considered before choosing the right credit card.

Kevin (the Prince of Thrift) Surbaugh presents Kansas To Consider Capping PayDay Loan Interest posted at Becoming & Staying Debt Free. Melody McCray-Miller, a Wichita Democrat is hoping a measure she plans to introduce in the upcoming legislative session - which could include and interest rate cap similar to the one that drove the payday loan industry out in North Carolina - would make "predatory lending" less lucrative in Kansas.

alCorey presents The Battle With PayPal posted at Have you ever had problems with PayPal? Corey writes about his battle with PayPal.

Steve Faber presents Credit Card Company Tactics to Watch Out For posted at Debt Free. Credit card companies use several tricks to woo the customers and then maximize their profits. Steve’s post gives an insight into the tricks adopted by the credit card companies.

Nickel presents 0% Balance Transfer Credit Card Offers to Start the New Year Right posted at Are you looking to reduce your high-interest credit card debt burden? Or perhaps you’d like to make a few bucks using other people’s money? If so, then read Nickel’s article.

Jim presents » Using 0% Balance Transfers to Pay Off Debt on Blueprint for Financial Prosperity posted at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity. The post discusses the benefits and drawbacks of using 0% balance transfers from credit cards to pay down debt.

gnFIRE Finance presents Free Money - $50 from First National Bank’s Rewards Advantage Platinum Edition Visa Card! posted at FIRE Finance. FNB is offering a $50 sign-up bonus for their Rewards Advantage Platinum Edition Visa Card. This post discusses our experience with FNB in details. The sign-up bonus of $50 is sent as a gift card.

2 Pennies Earned presents 2 Pennies Earned: Discover Card $40 Enterprise Rent-A-Car Certificate posted at 2 Pennies Earned. Learn more about the Discover Platinum Cashback program.

Vahid Chaychi presents How to Report Spam and Scam Emails posted at Work at Home Entrepreneurs. Scammers are always ready to steal your personal and specially your credit card info. One of their methods is through sending spam/scam emails and contaminating your computer with spyware. You should be able to report them.

Scott Lee presents How the Poor Get Rich posted at Dirty Mechanism. An interesting post on how the poor get rich! According to Scott, with the ideal financial attitude, the secret to getting rich is not so much in making money, but it is also about saving money.

Stephanie presents Where did that come from? posted at Poorer Than You. Poorer Than You ponders just where her credit card debt came from, when she started off doing so well!

Bryan C. Fleming presents Million Dollar Savings Club Update: Day 135 posted at Bryan C. Fleming. Get an update on the Million Dollar Savings Club.

Praveen presents My Simple Trading System: The Thrifty Scot posted at My Simple Trading System. Praveen discovered a new site that seems geared towards the U.K. market, features current financial news, commentary, and financial advice about saving money in the areas of credit cards , secured loans, mortgages, savings accounts, and home insurance.

Steve Faber presents What’s Your Financial New Year’s Resolution? posted at Get Debt Free. If becoming debt free or substantially debt free is your goal, that’s fine as far as the big picture, but what exactly are you going to do this year to achieve it? Read on…

Mr Credit Card presents Union Plus Credit Card Review posted at Ask Mr Credit Card’s Blog. Mr Credit Card gives a review on Union Plus Credit Card.

Kristine presents How to establish credit posted at Financial Tips for WAHMs. If you’re just starting out in your financial life, you may not have any established credit. You need credit for many things - renting an apartment, car rentals, credit cards, buying a car, etc. Get some tips on how to build your credit.

Joe Caterisano presents "Transforming Debt Into Wealth" by John Cummuta review posted at penny pinching. Joe recommends "Transforming Debt Into Wealth" by John M. Cummuta, which he says is helpful for eliminating debt.

That concludes the second edition of the Carnival of Credit Card. It is great to see that there has been a sharp increase in the submissions to this edition as compared to the last one. I hope to receive more such posts on credit card related issues in future. Please don’t forget to give a link back to the carnival post. This is important to make this carnival successful on the blogosphere.

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Important Anouncement: We are going to host the first edition of the " Carnival of Debt Management" at Debt Consolidation Lowdown on Janauray 22, 2006. We require interesting blog posts on debt management, debt consolidation, credit card debt, personal finance, bankruptcy, student debt and other debt related issues. Feel free to submit your entries through the Blog Carnival Page.

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  1. Thanks for hosting this carnival and posting my post. Much appreciated.

  2. Thanks for hosting. This is a grat Carnival!

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  4. Thanks for hosting the festival and including our post. Great job, keep up the good show!

  5. make sure you do your homework, before you get or work with credit.

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