Carnival of Debt Management #47

Greetings! Welcome to the 47th edition of the Carnival of Debt Management. We have selected 16 posts for this edition. Here you go:

Yi Hui Chang presents Root out the fear of paying your bills late posted at The Simple Wealth. Yi says, “I finally set up Auto Bill pay to root out the fear of paying my bills late.”

William Blake presents What Are Your Options For Debt Relief? posted at Becoming Debt Free.

Michael Geoffrey presents Credit Counseling Explained posted at Debt Smackdown.

Barb A. Ryan presents 1 - Your Personal Financial Planning Skills posted at Pasadena Financial Planner.

Andy Miofsky presents Teach Your Parents Well posted at Bankruptcy Law Network - Real Lawyers, Real Solutions.

Mark Butler presents 3 Powerful Reasons to Earn an Extra $16.67 per Day posted at The Butler Project. An extra $500 per month can go a lot farther than you think!

DianeDean presents April- 15 Estimated Tax Payment Due posted at Need IRS Help?.

David B. Bohl presents 5 Ways to Reduce Tax Stress Next Year posted at Slow Down Fast Today!. It’s April and that groaning sound you’re hearing is the collective teeth-gnashing and hair-pulling of families all across America facing what is very likely the most stressful time of the year (outside of Christmas, perhaps) - tax time.

Jessica Donnovan presents Turning Debt into Wealth - One of Life?s Great Challenges posted at Sensible Self-Improvement.

Alex M presents What Everybody Should Know About Computer Leasing And Finance posted at

Livingalmostlarge presents Should you pay off your student loans? posted at LivingAlmostLarge. Should you pay off student loans before the mortgage, retirement, etc? Or is it the last debt to be paid?

Pinyo presents Credit Card Arbitrage, Is It Worth It? posted at Moolanomy.

Heather Johnson presents 4 Tips for Successful Debt Management posted at CAPC Debt Management Blog.

Seb presents Budgeting for everyday people posted at Pinching Copper. Let’s face it, making a budget and sticking to it is hard work. After all, keeping a constant eye on your spending habits can be nerve racking and stressful.

Jeremy Zongker presents All I Really Needed to Know About Managing Money posted at Debt Advice.

Nickel presents Beware the Promise of “Interest-Free” Purchases posted at Credit Card Addict.

That concludes this edition. Next edition of this carnival will be hosted here on April 20, 2008. Submit your blog articles using our blog carnival submission form.

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