Carnival of Money, Growth & Happiness #15

Welcome to the August 26, 2007 edition of carnival of money, growth and happiness. We have received 40 posts for this edition. Here are the posts in the order they were received.

Michael Emilio presents How To Recognize the Full Value of Your Real Estate Investment posted at

Jason Elder presents Why Bankruptcy Filings Are On The Rise posted at A Bankruptcy Lawyer’s Blog, saying, “A big reason behind this is the slow and weak housing market as well as adjustable rate mortgages.”

Eric Hudin presents Protecting Your Finances and Assets Offshore posted at My Estate Planning Career Blog, saying, “If you’re self employed, you’re affluent, you’re married, you have direct clients, business partners or you’re just concerned that you’re overpaying your taxes, there’s a strong possibility that you should be protecting your finances and assets offshore.”

Allen Taylor presents What is a Charitable Trust? posted at Investing World Today, saying, “A charitable trust is designed to create a path whereby your assets may be converted into a life long stream of income and not a source of governmental revenue though taxes. Your taxes are lowered, what you pay now is lessened and what your heirs or your children pay will be lessened too when the time comes to pay estate taxes.”

Tim Ramsey presents You Are Not Alone In The World Of Debt posted at My Debt Relief Blog, saying, “The first seven years of the “new millennium”, has seen the birth of more millionaires than every prior generation, but also created a generation more in debt that any generation that has come before.”

Eric Stanley presents The Lure of Low Interest Rates posted at Personal Finance Blog Articles, saying, “Many of the financial decisions people make today are completely based on the current level of interest rates and have little consideration of long-term impact. Rates are so low it just makes sense to refinance or purchase now. We might as well do it or buy it now while rates are so low. Everyone has some debt no big deal rates are low.”

Thomas Humes presents Baron Five-Step Action Plan for Building Wealth posted at Wealth Building World, saying, “It is important to learn disciplined strategies of sound money management, investing, and business administration. The more you learn about these areas, the more confident you will be in selecting advisors, making investments, and handling your business and financial affairs. You can easily move forward on your journey to financial success by taking these five simple actions-”

Tiffany Washko presents Healthy, Fun, Frugal…School Lunches posted at Natural Family Living Blog.

plonkee presents choosing the less lucrative career posted at plonkee money, saying, “I’ve ended up with more job satisfaction than money. Shouldn’t I be happy now?”

David presents Save Some Money - Make Sure You Have A High Deductible Insurance Policy. posted at My Two Dollars.

FIRE Getters presents Best Gas Credit Card - Chase BP Visa Rewards! posted at FIRE Finance, saying, “Chase BP Visa easily scores over all prevailing gas cards on its rewards for the first 60 days. Thereafter what makes it appealing is a 2% cash back on all eligible travel and dining. Most gas cards offer a 5% cash back on gas purchases but only 1% cash back on everything else including dining and travel. Also, we find the rewards redemption in the form of personal checks (made payable to us) more convenient than store cards purchased with reward points.”

MoneyNing presents How Coupons Does Not Save Me Money posted at >Money Ning, saying, “Coupons seem to save money but it actually doesn’t!”

Matthew Paulson presents How to Get Credits to Stop Harassing You posted at Getting Green.

Warren Wong presents Why You Should Invest For The Long Term posted at Personal Development for INTJs, saying, “Are you buying and selling stocks a lot? Here’s why you should invest for the long term.”

ChristianPF presents Warren Buffett Quotes posted at Money in the Bible | Christian Personal Finance Blog, saying, “Over 30 of my favorite quotes about money and investing from Warren Buffett, the world’s greatest investor.”

Dax Desai presents What does the potential Fed rate cut mean? posted at Dax Desai, saying, “Explains the effects of a Federal Funds rate cut on your investments.”

Sean-Paul Kelley presents Buy The Rumor and Sell The News posted at The Agonist, saying, “There is a reason why people say ‘Sell In May and Go Away.’”

Kyle James presents 5 Easy Tips When Using Online Coupons posted at Blog, saying, “Thank you for considering my article.”

Tushar Mathur presents High Energy Bills ?? Try out these simple ideas ! posted at Everything Finance.

Brip Blap presents 7 things to consider before you buy stuff posted at brip blap, saying, “A few ideas on what you should consider before buying more ’stuff’”

Warren Wong presents The Key To A Healthy Relationship posted at Personal Development for INTJs, saying, “Are you in a healthy relationship? Do you know what makes a relationship healthy? Here’s the key to a healthy relationship.”

David Gross presents The Picket Line — 19 August 2007 posted at The Picket Line, saying, “A review of Bill McKibben’s “Deep Economy” (2007).”

evelester presents The Budgeting Secret that saved our Marriage » Housewife Confessions posted at Confessions of an Everyday Housewife, saying, “This is a online budgeting program that my husband and I have been using for quite a while, it helps us a lot, we actually have money in savings now. It is based on the Dave Ramsey financial peace method- with envelopes and assigning every dime.”

Peter25 presents Being Happy With Your Current Job posted at Small Business, saying, “Being happy with your current job is very important for being happy in life. A full time job can ruin your life if it depresses you.”

Michael Fowke presents Deranged bankers in the City of London posted at Money is the way, saying, “Bankers are going crazy, but it’s all good.”

Millionaire Mommy Next Door presents How to Treat Affluenza: Spend Less and Live a Happier Life posted at Millionaire Mommy Next Door, saying, “The number of “very happy” people peaked in 1957, and has remained fairly stable or declined ever since. Even though we consume twice as much as we did in the 1950s, people were just as happy when they had less. 86% of Americans who voluntarily cut back their consumption feel happier as a result.”

Charles H. Green presents It’s a Dog Eat Dog World, Isn’t It? posted at Trust Matters, saying, “People often live up—or down—to others’ expectations of them. And if we can learn that about ourselves, then we have gained the keys to our freedom.”

Peter S C presents 6 Lessons From My 6 Month Old posted at I will change your life . com, saying, “Children can teach us so many important life lessons.”

Peter S C presents 3 Not S0 Common Career Tips; I will change your posted at I will change your life . com.

Charles H. Green presents The Dark Side of Trust? Not! posted at Trust Matters >, saying, “Harvard claims the key to trust is micromanagement; but the reality is that you can improve your personal and business relationships by letting go enough that trust has room to flourish.”

Vahid Chaychi presents What Is Forex and How to Make Money with It? posted at Internet and Search Engine Marketing, saying, “Forex is one of the best work at home opportunities. It is good because it doesn’t need any marketing, referring and recruiting. If you learn it properly, you can make lots of money but it can be also risky if you start trading before you learn.”

Robert D Flach presents WHAT YOU TALKIN’ ‘BOUT, ROBERT? posted at THE WANDERING TAX PRO.

Scott H presents 32 Weird Scholarships Almost Anyone Can Get posted at College and Finance, saying, “Getting scholarships can certainly help anyones finances. This submissions lists 32 weird scholarships that almost anyone can get.”

ChristianPF presents Don’t give to the poor? posted at Money in the Bible | Christian Personal Finance Blog, saying, “Is giving to beggars helping them or hurting them? A quick discussion about giving to the poor.”

FitBuff presents Out of Body Experiences: Medical Mysteries or Scientific Explanation? posted at’s Total Mind and Body Fitness Blog, saying, “Out of body experiences have long been a medical mystery, but a new study broke new ground in actually being able to trigger the phenomenon on demand.

edithyeung presents The Money Series - You Are Not Going to Live Forever posted at Edith Yeung.Com: Dream. Think. Act..

Carrie Lauth presents Money and the Natural Mom posted at Natural Moms Talk Radio.

Save Money presents Step Three to getting Rid of Debt posted at How I Save

Kevin Surbaugh presents Struggling With IRS Debt? Talk To The IRS Yourself! posted at Becoming & Staying Debt Free, saying, “Do you owe the IRS? Are you struggling with IRS debts and cannot figure out what to do? Don’t despair, you are not alone. Many Americans owe back taxes, or cannot afford to pay their IRS debts. If you want to get IRS debt help, it’s important to understand the different IRS tax debt strategies.”

Marlon J. Broussard presents The True value of Money in Our Age | MoneyBlog posted at MoneyBlog, saying, “The point is not to just point out the fact that a dollar is only worth 4 cents (about the exact cost of printing, regardless of the denomination), but to shed light on some things you need to be mindful of:”

That concludes this edition. Next edition of this carnival will be hosted here on 05 September 2007. Submit your blog article to the next edition of carnival of money, growth and happinessusing our carnival submission form.

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